Sometimes there is no internet available, how can I access my clinic record?

Similar to shopping online, you simply cannot do your online shopping if you are not connected to the internet. These days, the coverage and stability of the internet is very high in most area of the world. In addition, the wireless internet 3G/4G help people stay online even easier than ever. People can simply connect to internet through their smart phones.

Generally speaking, the web applications are more reliable comparing to the desktop software (those licensed software that can be only installed on the computer manually. The biggest benefit of web application is that you can distantly manage / monitor your clinics’ operation.

However, if the internet at your local area is unreliable and no wireless internet available, using online practice management might not be the best option for you yet.

Is it safe to manage my clinic completely online?

The fact of most people are using online banking for their everyday bank transaction means: it is very safe to do work online. The websites that we provided to the customers are encrypted with the standard technology of HTTPS. According to customer’s requirements, we can also isolate the IP address, ie. only the authorised network location/address can visit your website.

What makes ClinicWise different from other practice/clinic management software?

Flexibility – We have considered and catered the different requirements of the clinics from different disciplines. With our quality service support (install the software according to the customer’s need), ClinicWise is more like a tailor-made system to the customers. Usually, this kind of service is ultra expensive.

Convenience – In everyday operation, to be able to manoeuvre the applications quickly and smoothly is very important, especially to busy clinics. For example, when you look for client’s information, the record will show immediately and narrow down as you type.

Upgradable – Through advanced automated testing, we are able to continuously upgrade and improve ClinicWise. As a result, ClinicWise surpasses the other software in terms of stability and flexibility.

Is the server stable?

We choose the reputable American Digital Ocean as our server hosting company (the main server is located San Francisco, the back server in NY). Since ClinicWise in operation, no incidents has ever been recorded

Can ClinicWise be used on Apple computers?

Certainly. As long as your computer can connect to Internet and use a web browser (could be IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc), you can access ClinicWise any time.

Can ClinicWise be used on iPad and iPhone?

Yes. ClinicWise user interface can adjust the display according to the different devices. Most features are workable on iPad and iPhone. However, you cannot upload the documents by iPad or iPhone.

Can client’s image information be uploaded on ClinicWise , eg, x-ray pictures, photos, etc?

Yes. Taking dental clinic as an example, it is very important for the dentist to analyse and keep the patient’s image records for proper treatment. ClinicWise provide two ways to display the images to enable the doctors to understand the patients’ conditions promptly and in details.

Why the price of ClinicWise is so low comparing to the other similar clinic software?

Because we have the state of the art software development practices!

Here is a case to show you why many software are expensive and error-prone. A software company developed a product and sold it to Clinic A. Soon Clinic A found out a defect and the Software company rectified it and updated for all customers. However, Clinic A found that some functions that worked before were broken now. Some companies tried to sell their product to the customers by bluffing how excellent their products were, but they knew there would be defects and constant rectifications to make the customers satisfied. When they set the price of the software, they have added the sales expenses and rectification expenses in. (In Australia, a desktop licensed software that can not be accessed on internet usually costs $5000 for the first license per year)

We have a different development concept. We are armed with our own house developed software automation test technology (TestWise and BuildWise) to automate test each function of the ClinicWise. Based on it, we can respond to the customer’s feedback flexibly and promptly. Additional, we don’t spend money on marketing; our sales of the products are relying on word of month.

Can ClinicWise generate reports? Do we need to pay extra to receive the reports?

Currently ClinicWise can provide over 20 different types of chart/graph reports, free of charge. If there is special requirement, we can implement more types of reports, free of charge too.

Except subscription fee, are there any other fees we need to pay to use ClinicWise?

No. There are no other fees you need to pay: no installation fees, no report generating fees, no data export fees…

If I stop using ClinicWise, can I get refund?

Yes. We will refund the fees for the remaining season, ie, if you still have 4 months’ unused service, you will get 3 months’ (one season) fees refunded, minor administration cost may be applied.

Can I export the data from ClinicWise to back up?

Yes, of course you can. Through locking the data and charge high fees to keep the customer from switching to the other software happen to be the trick adopted by many software manufacturers. We believe this is disgraceful. They are the scum of the software industry.

Do you offer telephone support?

In principle, we don’t offer telephone service as an option of support in consideration of customers’ needs. Many issues regarding computers and software cannot be explained clearly over the phone. It can only lead up to frustration and waste of your time. Surely we can hire the telephone operators to answer your call (or outsource the support to India), but the fees involved will be passed to the customers.

As a matter of fact, we use a more proactive, more advanced support method. When there is an error occurred (quite normal for all the software though ClinicWise has far less errors than the other software), ClinicWise system will immediately report the error to our support department by email automatically. Our engineers usually find the reason and rectify the error in minutes. After automate testing to identify the fix and another round of automate testing to make sure other functions are not affected by the fix, the new version of update can be delivered to the customer within hours. In most circumstances, the customers don’t have to contact us with regards to the errors they have encountered, ClinicWise team have already received the message and are working on them. The problem is usually resolved in next working day.

Customers may use our support sitefor help. Our engineers will endeavour to respond and resolve the queries, normally within 24 hours.

We pay our current software company monthly support fee that almost equals to the cost of your software. How come your support can be free?

We solve issues efficiently to save the time and reduce the cost. Some companies’ support service is for prolonging the problem, instead of solving it. Generally speaking, the testing and maintenance of the software should take approximately 70% of overall investment. With the assistance of world known automated testing technique, the cost of ClinicWise development has been reduced greatly. This benefit has been passed to the customer – lower cost and better support service of ClinicWise.

Any feedback from the customers is very welcome. I hope we can work together to improve ClinicWise constantly.