About Us

AgileWay is an Australian software company takes pride in technology innovation and high moral responsibility.
Technology Innovation
We invented state of the art software doing Automated Testing and Continuous Delivery, these practices can only be found at world's leading companies such as Google and Facebook.The advance of technology decide ClinicWise customers are enjoying better product and services.
Moral Responsibility
History tells us that trust is the foundation of any long-term relationship. We value honest and integrity is for not just for customers, more importantly, for us. This way, we work and live happier.

Our Process


We have a professional research and development team. The customers of our software such as TestWise include Fortune 500 companies (TestWise is also a finalist in 2010 Ruby International Award).

Testing - Quality

Testing and maintenance now occupy over 70% effort in software development. By using our own test automation toolsets, every release of ClinicWise goes through comprehensive automated checks. This provides a stable platform for us to provide more and better features, and taking advantage of new technologies.


Every commercial software requires support. Good supports relies on technical capability and responsibility.