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$ 30 /month

1 Practitioner

Unlimited Locations

5GB Storage

Free Support


$ 60 /month

5 Practitioners

Unlimited Locations

10GB Storage

Free Support


$ 90 /month

8 Practitioners

Unlimited Locations

30GB Storage

Free Support


$ 120 /month

12 Practitioners

Unlimited Locations

20GB Storage

Free Support

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Frequently asked questions

How long are your contracts?

We don't have contract restrictions on customers. Customers can terminate the use any time, and we can help exporting out the data.

Do I get credits for introducing my friends to join ClinicWise?

Yes. Every time the customer your introduced pays or renews an annual service with us, we will extend your service one month free (up to US$200).

Do you have once-off payment option?

No. All business software have bugs, updates and customer data errors, all of these require professional support. Some companies use 'once-off payment' to lure customers and hit with all kinds of charges later on, which is very irresponsible. ClinicWise has only one monthly fee, and it includes support.