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Are you experiencing these in your current system?
  • Expensive. One seat licence costs thousands of dollars.
  • Not reliable. Prone to the hardware failures and viruses.
  • Too many bugs. Vendors is not competent to fix them.
  • Incompetent software support. But still need to pay for service fee.
  • Client records are not shareable among clinics
  • Business owner cannot manage multiple clinics' operation real time.
Online system is the trend

"Cloud computing" (web based) era has come, which has solved many long standing problems of desktop systems. More and more organisations, including governments, are moving their internal system online.

By using online practice system such as ClinicWise, the owners can easily manage the clinics operations anytime anywhere, with big savings on IT cost.

ClinicWise - the wise choice

Our company AgileWay has the world leading automated testing technology, which significantly shorten our development and maintenance cycle. What does this mean to our clients? More stable and easily extendable product, more professional and prompt service.

ClinicWise is the wise choice of practice owners, enhance you professional image and let you focus on growing your business further. You can try ClinicWise now, no strings attached.