New Feature: Quick find client and Health Fund Reconciliation

By zhimin.

Quick find client

In the new release (v2.9.6), receptionists can quickly find a client ( or called patient) on any page in ClinicWse.  Just start typing the name in the search box in the top right.  As long as you start typing, a list of matching (by name) clients are shown for your selection.

Typing more characters will further narrow down the list.  

Selecting (by mouses and up/down arrow followed by Enter key) one will go directly to the client page. 

Health Fund Reconciliation 

Another new feature is payment payment reconciliation: to track the payment from health funds. An important and time-consuming activity for clinics to avoid mis-payment, ClinicWise will make it as easy as it can be . Receptionists can create a batch invoice from selected list of private health fund claims or authorised client group payments. 

Tick the health claims that you want to invoice and click 'Create' button. This will create a "Batch Invoice" record. 

You can easily print the batch invoice, mark it as sent (after faxed/sent to the health fund), and later on reconcile when received the payments. 

ClinicWise Update: new Body Chart and Embed Audio/Video play

By zhimin.

One unique feature of ClincWise is that we listen to our customers and improve, to build a software that helps health professional to achieve best efficiency. 

In this update (v2.8.9), we have made a big improvement to charting and added highly desired multimedia support (especially for VIP and sports related patients)  for treatment cases and treatments. 

1. Body Charting

  • Free hand drawing with adjustable brush size
  • Full colour selection
  • Pre-defined shapes, eg. arrow, cross, etc.
  • Text entry

            All drawing items can be resized, moved and rotated freely. 


     And you can upload your own chart if you wis (login as 'admin', click 'Body Charts' button).

    2.  Multimedia support for Treatment Case and Treatment Notes.

    Audio and videos can be very important artefacts for Treatment Case and treatment notes. For example, how did an athlete get injured?  Audio recording of treatments,  …, etc. 

    ClinicWise uses the latest web technologies to make adding and playing multimedia files as easy as it can be: just drop media files to upload and play next to the treatment notes.  And Yes, it works on iPad too.  

    • Quick view pictures/images associated with a treatment case and treatment note, click to view them in large

    • Play Audio  (recorded treatment notes)

    • Play Video (for examples, how patient got injured, and suggested recovery videos) 

    New backup server in NY

    By zhimin.

    Good news, we set up a back up server in NY.  This means, if you have trouble accessing the main server (San Francisco), very unlikely though, you can visit the back up server.

    Here is how it works: If your site address is, then your backup server address is Please not the backup server is read-only. 

    ClinicWise 2.5 is released

    By zhimin.

    ClinicWise 2.5 is released with the following features and enhancements:

    • Appointment reminders via SMS Text or Email, or both
    • Better appointment hover (mouse over) information  
    • Many UI enhancements, especially better support for tablets, smart phones
    • Daily revenue summary with easy chart view on payment method breakdowns