Backup servers are now available

By zhimin.

ClinicWise is proud of high availability (> 99.9%), we are now making it ever better.  We just added backup servers. When the primary server is down, ClinicWise customers can switch to the backup server and continue use the service, in the same way. It is simple to do, just a URL change. 

Primary server: 

Backup server:

 When you use the backup server, a reminder is shown on the top.

 Please use the backup server as the contingency, and switch back to the primary server as soon as it is back online. 

The benefits of 'cloud'

By zhimin.
Why cloud-based software like ClinicWise saves big IT costs for businesses? The diagram below explains:

Export appointment to iCalendar

By zhimin.

You now can export appointments to iCalendar on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

 1.  Open appointment on ClinicWise calendar,  click the icon next to the word "Appointment" 

this will download the file with extension ".ics". 

2. Double click the downloaded ics file

Select the calendar,  click "OK". 

3. The appointment now shown on iCalendar. 

Quick Pay

By zhimin.

For payments without claims, using the new Quick Pay feature speeds up the payment process: one button click. 

1.  Click "Quick Pay" button on the appointment.

2. Click the payment method, such as "Cash", that's it. 

You may enter difference amount to take part payments.  If at this stage, you found out the patient does have private health insurance claim. Just click "Create Invoice" button  and then take payments as usual on the invoice page.

3. Support of Client Group

Quick Pay also supports for client group patients (the fee are paid by a health fund). 

Client measurements

By zhimin.

Health measurements such as blood pressure, weight and BMI can be quite useful to practitioner's treatments.  ClinicWise v2.13 introduces an easy way to record a client's measurements. 

Define measuring items

Firstly, Admin needs to decide the measuring items.

  • Login as Admin and click 'Measuring Items' button on the dashboard page.
  • Create a new measuring item

View and enter measurements

  • Navigate to a client page, click 'Measurements' button.
  • Record a new measurement
  • View measurement data
  • Click measurement data table heading to view chart

Default appointment color mode

By zhimin.

ClinicWise pioneered three appointment color modes to make appointment management more intuitive  and easy to use.


Only valid if there are more than one clinics. In this mode, receptionlists or practitioners can easily identify one practitioner's appointments on different clinics. Darker background color with white text font.


More bright color, and more color options too.

Service/Client Group

The color is based appointment's treatment category or client group. The color options are the same as practitioner's.

ClinicWise v2.10.7 adds a feature to enable admin to set the default appointment color mode.

This new preference takes effect after re-sign in.

New 3-month navigation calendar view

By zhimin.

By default, ClinicWise shows a 1-month calendar on the left for viewing week days and quick navigation to a date. This monthly calendar can be changed to a different month by clicking the arrow buttons on the top. Somtimes, for receptionlists, it is more convenient for have a view of several months.

ClinicWise 2.10.6 addes a new feature: switching between 1-month and 3-month navigation calendar view. To switch to 3-month, click the icon link as shown in the screenshot below:

The 1-month calendar is now hidden, instead, you will see the 3-month calendar on the top of diary.  You may also change the calendar months by clicking the left/arrow arrows. 

Click the icon link again will return the 1-month calendar view.

Taking out billing items from an invoice and add to another later

By zhimin.

One of most requested feature is to allow taking out certain billing items from an invoice, and then add to another later. ClinicWise 2.10.5 implemented this, which add more flexibility to the invoicing. 

Here is how to remove a billing item to invoice later:

Under patient’s records, uninovoiced billing items are shown.

When create a new invoice, you can add existing billing times to a new invoice.

After click ‘Add’ 

(After creating this invoice, the uninvoiced billing item will be disappear under client’s record, as it is now invoiced). 

Filtering added to invoices and payments

By zhimin.

For conveiently find the invoice/payment records, ClinicWise added the following filtering options:

  • Invoice Reference Number
  • Clinic
  • Status
  • Date (duration)
  • Client Name

Invoices Example:

Payments Example:

This also works for health fund claims.